My laptop has black screen, although power is on!
Generally this problem is due to bga crack/Moisture acquired, but first of all try this -Remove the battery and re seat your ram, you may get your display back, if this doesn’t work send your laptop for bga/display chip replacement.

Why to handle laptop by both the hands?
Now a days laptop manufacturers are trying to cut manufacturing cost as much as possible. For that they are putting laptop in plastic chassis which makes laptop more vulnerable to physical damage so it is important to handle it properly By both your hands and not from screen .

Where to repair my laptop ?
Many people claim that they can repair laptops but first ensure that such people have the required infrastructure, kindly visit us to see the equipment’s.

My laptop battery is not charging?
This problem has many causes – first replace your power adapter; check dc jack as it might have loose contact, change battery. If problem still persists than problem is with motherboard kindly send laptop for component level repair.

How much can repairs cost?
The cost of repair varies greatly depending on: – Laptop Make & Model – Repair Time required – Cost of replacements parts (if required)

How long does a repair take?
Typically, it depends on the type of repair it usually takes 1-4 days. We fix the problem at same day for our walk-in Customers (if a replacement is required for the chip or component and it is not available it might take 2-3 days otherwise it just takes few hours).

How safe is your data?
Your computer may hold private and confidential information. We respect your privacy and will not disclose any information to any source.

What come back do I have?
We offer a 30-days warranty for component repair work and 90-days warranty for new bga/display/Nvidia – chip replacement.

What is re-reballing / reflow of chip?
It’s a term which confuses customers who are visiting a repair shop first time, In fact if you are facing display problem and your laptop is having Nvidia chip than it is recommended to replace the chip, because this chip acquires the moisture and by applying mild heat to the chip can only solve the problem temporarily , Infact the melting temperature of leaded and lead free solder is 180-190 and 210-240 degree Celsius respectively, with normal hot air-gun you cannot melt the solder balls, it needs BGA reballing machine,. Applying heat to de-moisturise the chip to solve problem temoorarily is called REFLOW¬† reballing (it is a totally wrong conception as reballing is basically replacing the chip), it is very misleading to customers in fact they have not done anything, as a result, after a month or so you will face this problem again.

Is there permanent Solution for nvidia related issue?
Yes, BGA/Display chip replacement is the only practical solution as it saves your time ,money and saves you from loads of frustration ,BEWARE always check whether the shop has got infrastructure required for the repair.